Hire a Compassionate Attendant to Watch Over Your Loved One

Hire a Compassionate Attendant to Watch Over Your Loved One

Find Alzheimer's and dementia care services in the Canton, Boston & Norwood, MA

Those suffering from Alzheimer's disease require special care. Boston Best Home Care Service Inc. can provide the assistance and companionship your family member needs. We understand how frustrated and sad you may feel when they forget your name or when their mood changes suddenly. Our attendants will provide the enior care they need to perform their daily tasks.

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7 ways to work with someone suffering from dementia

The staff members at Boston Best Home Care Service have years of training and experience caring for dementia patients. When we're with your loved one, we'll:



  1. Creative a positive atmosphere
  2. Ask simple questions to avoid confusion
  3. Listen to them attentively and patiently
  4. Limit distractions
  5. Respond with reassurance
  6. Maintain humor
  7. Reminisce on their fondest memories with them

Trust our dementia care personnel in Canton, Norwood & Boston, MA to care for your family member. Contact us today to learn more about in-home dementia care the Boston metro area.